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Tianjin Haihe International Service & Engineering Corporation,Tianjin Haihe International Service and Engineering Corporation(Haihe) has operated its business since 1992 with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. With a registered capital of RMB100,000,000(one hundred million), Haihe is a state-owned enterprise, specializing in the provision of a comprehensive range of international business. It has the mandate to:
As an affiliated company of The Tianjin Leadar Group CO.,LTD.(Leadar Group), Haihe has the capacity to provide training and consultancy services to clients. In 2005, Haihe was awarded the certificate for outstanding management under the “Quality Management System” for its compliance with the standards of ISO 9001:2000.Over the years, Haihe has endeavored to implement its strategy for “going global” and actively participated in the competition on the global business arena.
To-date, Haihe has trained and dispatched more than ten thousand (10,000) workers and trainees to overseas countries ,including Korea, Saipan, Japan, Singapore, U.S.A., Jordan, Mexico, Kuwait, Switzerland, Thailand and Mauritania . The skills, performance and professionalism of those workers and trainees have been praised by their employers as excellent and impressive.
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