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Business Culture:

Haihe has consistently conformed to the concept of “achieving self-accomplished and making it beneficial to the others; in turn contributing to the wellbeing of the country with prosperity to its own business”. This concept is the business motto of The Tianjin Leadar Group Corporation, its parents company, which is in harmony with the “open door policy” of China. Under this business motto, Haihe strives to develop itself into an outstanding corporation with every intention to excel in maintaining the objectives of having harmonious working relationship with its peers, diligent, pragmatic and innovative in its commitments.

Development Strategy:
  Haihe aims to implement its strategy of “going global” in a constructive manner. On the one hand it will strive to maintain its role as the pioneer in the respective disciplines on the other it will not lose sight on the importance of having innovative concept and the integrity in honoring its commitment to its counterparts. Haihe values and treasures its commitments and treats them as the motto for its success in winning the support from its peers in the international market arena.
Operation Principle:
  Haihe always observe its operation principle of “client first and service first”. With every endeavor to provide its clients and business partners from at home and abroad with pragmatic, efficient, effective and quality services as well as achievable solutions, Haihe adopts stringent processes to ensure each of the workers selected to work in the overseas will be highly qualified and accredited in full and complete compliance with the instructions of its overseas clients or business partners.
Management Objectives:
  Haihe acknowledges and implements the principle of “respecting the value and significance of individuals and scientific management”. Under these principles, Haihe has built its staff into a team of conscientious, enterprising, skilled, multilingual and qualified professionals.
Mission Statement:
  Haihe provides its clients with quality and uncompromising services! Haihe is decisive to serve its clients with modesty, honesty, and professionalism for the purpose of achieving mutual prosperity.
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