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First of all, I express my sincere thankfulness and spiritual respects to worldwide friends from all walks of life who hanve been concerning, supporting and helping our Corporation for years.

Along with the entry to the 21th century of human society, competition becomes increasingly severe in all fields. The core approach to gain success is to attract and recoganize personnel with prominent capacity as well as to grip them effectively. In the recent years, the overall developing trend of world’s ecomomy is the acceleration of overseas cooperation. In order to pace up, Tianjin Haihe International Service and Engineering Corporation and its affiliated enterprises are engaged in manifold practices, such as labor (trainee) dispatching, domestic human resourse recommendation, overseas projects contracting as well as continual cooperation expansion with worldwide enterprises in the field of human resourses, which will facilitate our mutual development.

We will consistantly conform to the International convention and provide effective, efficient, high-grade and honest service to all our clients in terms of labor recruitment, reserve, training, dispatching etc.

Let’s progress forward hand in hand and cooperate wholeheartedly. We will soon achieve mutual advance and mutual development.
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