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Tianjin Haihe International Service and Engineering Corporation (Haihe) has operated its business since 1992 with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.
With a registered capital of RMB100,000,000(one hundred million), Haihe is a state-owned enterprise, specializing in the provision of a comprehensive range of international business and is entitled to embark on labor and trainee export business.
In 2005, Haihe was awarded the certificate for outstanding management under the “Quality Management System” for its compliance with the standards of ISO 9001:2000.
For years, abiding by the operating concept of “Respecting the value of individuals and observing the supremacy of honesty”, Haihe poises to explore the international market. This orientation has seen Haihe built up strong partnership with overseas employers embarking on the international market arena. As of May 2007, Haihe has built up solid and long-term cooperative relationship with more than 10 countries and districts for labor and trainee export, including Korea, Saipan, Japan, Singapore, U.S.A., Jordan, Mexico, Kuwait, Swizerland, Thailand and Mauritania, and more than ten thousand labors and trainees have been qualified and deployed to work in those districts or countries. The skills, performance and professionalism of those workers and trainees have been praised by their employers as excellent and impressive.

Haihe boasts the membership of the following organizations:

  • China International Contractors Association;
  • Saipan-China Economic Development Association;
  • Sino-Japan Training Cooperative Orgznization, and;
  • Japan International Training Cooperative Organization.

Haihe is listed as one of the nine and the sixteen Chinese corporations that were also approved by:

  • the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, and;
  • the Korea Construction Association respectively,

Haihe is also licensed by the Chinese authorities as one of the twenty-eight corporations entitled to handle labor export to Saipan.

Haihe has accumulated substantial working experiences in:

  • labor export practices
  • labor export execution and implementation procedures
  • a state-of -art labor export management scheme

In order to meet clients’ demand, Haihe has established a nation-wide labour resources network and its own training centres equipped with comprehensive facilities.

Haihe is keen and ready to cooperate with competent and reputable parties in the overseas for cooperation in labor export service.

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